October 29, 2016

So easy and so tasty, yet so many people have not discovered the GREAT taste of FRESH beetroot! Just cut, place in a large bowl, add oil, lemon, salt/pepper, oregano, lemon, stir, cook in the oven! 

October 20, 2016

Easy Japanese Style Pumpkin Recipe

This recipe allows you to add as much of the ingredients as you want, perfect for a quick midweek meal.


Japanese pumpkin

Baby Carrots

Your choice of oil

Soy sauce




Salt and pepper


1. Cut the pumpkin into...

October 11, 2016

Did you know that FRESH herbs are best when you add at the end of cooking a dish? For example adding FRESH oregano just before you finish cooking soup or FRESH basil over the top of a pizza.

Also to give that extra FRESH flavour, FRESH parsley on top of a salad.


What do you do with fruit and vegetables if they are too ripe? Throw them away? No! You JUICE them! Most times overripe fruit and vegetables can still be of great benefit to you and your family.


  • Wash fruit and vegetables.

  • Remove eyes from pineapples...

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